4: Episode: 4 DJ Marlon B Inspiring Interview

 DJ Marlon B “Bizzy”Coming from the Upper West side of New York City, DJ Marlon B “Bizzy” has been spinning records at five star hotels and many venues over the years. Born and raised in New York City, his roots stem from his mother native from Puerto Rico and his father from the Dominican Republic.  His father is a Latin percussionist playing the congas and timbales, instilling the love of music throughout their home. His father had him begin to learn to how to play the drums which helped him to learn musical patterns.

Inspiration to become a DJ came for Marlon as early as age 9 when his curiosity about how the mixes on the radio went seamlessly from one to the next. He would then record DJ Red Alert, and had the chance to meet him at age 13. From here he got his turntables and his brother set him up and then continued to take him the clubs and had him go watch Red Alert in the booth because he was only 14 or 15. He then began to DJ for private events and his success continued to grow.

Marlon’s mother has always been a huge supporter and inspiration as he continued to establish his DJ career. DJ Marlon B, does not just consider this a job; he takes pride in the artistry of being a true mixologist. He is one who reads the crowd, moves them in a certain direction and evokes feelings and memories to ensure a positive experience. DJ Marlon’s advice is to have fun with what you do; research music; try to expand your genre and be able to adapt to your situation.  DJ Marlon’s final advice is to continue to practice, there is always something you can learn.      


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Soundclound: DJmarlonb or DJmarlonbizzy

3: Episode 3: Violet Haze Opera Singer, Songwriter, & Model

Violet Haze is a passionate 24 year old unsigned singer-songwriter from Wayne, NJ, with her bachelor’s and master’s degree in music (teaching/voice), who is now focusing on her own music.  Growing up singing mostly jazz and appearing on Broadway, Violet decided to pursue her passion by going to school to study music.  She then tried out for Juilliard in Manhattan schools, and fell in love with opera, which she studied for the next four years.  Haze then toured with various artists all around the world as well as across the U.S., including Carnegie Hall.

Growing up as an only child, Violet’s mother, Sandy has been nurturing and supportive of her musical career.  Music has always comforted her; when she would cry as a toddler, music would quickly calm her. In school, she instantly learned the words to the nursery rhymes and would enjoy singing them. Her mother exposed her to a wide array of musical genres, which proved to broaden her background and provide her with an appreciation for all types of music.

During middle school and high school, (grades 6 and 9), Haze decided to try cycle classes including art, home economics, computers etc.., but quickly felt a void in her life without music. The following years, she elected to take chorus and felt fulfilled. Besides her mother, Haze was also influenced by musical superstar, Whitney Houston. At the time, Haze was listening to her song, “I Have Nothing” and learning how to power-belt for Broadway and was completely in awe of Houston’s talent. She continued to study Houston’s works and even wrote about her being her hero for a school assignment.

With a passion for children and sharing her talents with others, Haze’s mother once again advised her to keep her musical passion, but have a backup plan.  It made perfect sense to earn a degree in music education, since she loves doing both.

Working on her record, “Ain’t Going Nowhere” with King Bobands from Queens, who is recently co-signed with 50 cent was an unforgettable experience. They actually recorded another record “Together Forever”, the same night since things went so well! “ Haze explained how her songs are inspired from the events that are occurring in her life at the time. She is a team player, who enjoys collaborating and learning from other artists.   

As a part of the non-profit organization, Sounds of Tomorrow, partners with express Newark and about to partner with Rutgers University, which is a hub for all young artists to make their dreams come alive; from singing, choreographing, film editing etc… Education and assistance will be provided to instill the positive influences and values to support whatever original artistic piece they may be working on. Haze is passionate about encouraging unique works and helping young artists achieve their dreams.

SQR Podcast enjoyed listening to exclusive acapella clips as we travelled back in time with Violet Haze through her musical journey.  Be sure to follow  Violetxhazemusic for amazing new works.

2: Episode 2: David Harten Watson Award Winning Writer of Magic Teachers Son

David Harten Watson: SQR Podcast celebrated another first by welcoming its first author, David Harten Watson to the studio. Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, and raised in Buffalo, New York, Watson grew up with his older brother Dale and his parents. He graduated from Calasanctius School and has degrees from Princeton University, Canisius College, and Buffalo State College. Currently, he lives with his wife (a native of Ecuador, not Eldor), their two sons, Daniel, “Danny” and David Aaron and two cats in New Jersey.  The mundane, uneventful day working as an IT Specialist allows time for Watson’s creative ideas to develop where he can later use them in his writing.

As a child, Watson’s insatiable appetite for reading led him to reading adult novels by the age of ten. Being an avid reader, specifically in the genre of science fiction/fantasy, Watson was transported to fantastic places and he used his imagination to experience the adventures, which is what drew him to these novels.  A fan of J.R. Tolkein, he grew up reading The Hobbit  and Lord of the Rings. He also was inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s, The Dragonriders of Pern, and C.S. Lewis’, Narnia. Due to the high interest and multitude of fantasy and science fiction novels Watson read growing up, he was inspired to do the same.

While at Princeton, Watson was a member of the student science fiction club, “Infitity Ltd.” where he produced his first science fiction story; however, he never published it, and it has been unable to be located since. Some find writing short stories easier; however, Watson discovered the opposite was true for him as he was dabbling with different stories and writing techniques.  He explained how some writers need to outline their ideas first before writing; “outliners” and some writers simply just begin writing by the seat of their pants; “pantsers.”  Although he would try to outline his book at first, once he began writing, the characters would soon take on a life of their own and his original ideas didn’t always stick to the outline, thus making that process a waste of time.  

Influenced by his favorite science fiction/fantasy novelist, Orson Scott Card, he attended “Uncle Orson’s Writing Bootcamp” in 2011, taught by the great science fiction and fantasy novelist Orson Scott Card.  Additionally, Watson served as a U.S. Army Armor officer at Fort Knox, including all four positions: driver, gunner, loader, and tank commander.  These experiences, especially as a U.S. Army Armor officer, proved to be instrumental for writing novels since his first hand knowledge adds accurate, descriptive details during times of war.

David Harten Watson is the author of the young adult fantasy series Magicians’ Gold, published by Pen-L Publishing, including Magic Teacher’s Son (a 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award winner, 2016 New Horizon Award Finalist, and 2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards Finalist) and its upcoming sequel, Fortress of Gold that will be released in 2018.  Magic Teacher’s Son takes place in a parallel world similar to Earth in the early 1800s, except gunpowder hasn’t been invented in their world; however, magic is prevalent in their world. Watson used his son as the inspiration for the cover; however, because of his crew cut, Watson decided to have him wear a cowboy hat. There was some confusion later on about the genre because of the cowboy hat and as a result, the second cover was designed by artist M. Wayne Miller to unmistakably depict science fiction/fantasy; including magic, swords, and sorcery.

Watson, as part of the Resistance, created a Twitter account, @LordOfTheTrump, anti-Trump; which is a Trump parody account where he takes Trump’s tweets and twists them around to be something from the Dark Lord Sauron from The Lord of the Rings and retweets them. Watson wishes to see a more equitable world and have people take care of the environment.

Watson is a member of the U.S. Army Brotherhood of Tankers (USABOT) and the Mormon Church. He has also worked in a variety of jobs including camp counselor at Keewaydin Camps, teacher, tax preparer, car salesman, portrait photographer, track photographer, solar energy entrepreneur, and computer programmer.  Watson  is the Organizer of the Woodbridge Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Meetup, which he founded in 2008.  In his free time, he enjoys kayaking, acting in a no-budget horror movie filmed in New Jersey, and participating in Cowboy Action Shooting under the alias “Derringer Dave.”