68: F.E.D.S. Magazine Founder & Owner Antoine Clark


Enjoy this riveting and concise journey through the life of F.E.D.S. founder and owner Antoine Clark. Antoine held nothing as he shares of growing up in a single parent home where mom played the role of dad, best friend and a strong disciplinarian. Babysitting his brother, Antoine passionately embraced his big brother role and took his brother wherever he went and do whatever he did.  A very focused and driven young man, Antoine was never distracted by the drug infested surroundings he grew up in. Women were his distraction, this led him to becoming a dad while in high school and welcomed the birth of his daughter. Antoine speaks eloquently of that time and the emotions felt by both him and his girlfriend as they both were still in high school and now parents. This experience transformed him into a man, as he did not want to neglect his role nor his daughter unlike his experience with his dad neglecting him. Unable to complete high school due to his responsibility, Antoine goes right to work to provide for his family.  Inspired by Larry Flint, Antoine shares about the birth F.E.D.S. The name which came to him as he wrapped up a meeting in the village (NYC) at a restaurant called FEZ. F.E.D.S. magazine became the bible of the streets. Overcoming all the issues from publishing to distribution Antoine did it so he could tell the story of gangsters like Alpo, Rich Porter, Pistol Pete and Santra Rucker to name a few. Great content and connecting with the right people allowed Antoine Clark to tell the story of the street, not to glorify it but to deter others from making the same mistakes.




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