67: Comedian, Actor & Writer Omar Thompson

Comedian, actor, writer Omar Thompson honored SQR Podcast with an honest and revealing walk through his life. Growing up in a household as the only child to 2 drug addicted parents, Omar eloquently shares of his childhood in Baltimore and being isolated by his cousins. Developing a creative mind set as he played with his toys and his imagination, kept him away from the drugs and distractions he was surrounded by. Listen as he shares the constant ass kicking, he got from a girl in the neighborhood “Fists” who probably liked him. Little did he know she was making him stronger for his transition to Harlem NYC. A move that greeted him by being jumped by a group of kids as he played outside. Living with Mom and going to high school in the 90’s, enjoy Omar’s colorful recall of that period and the influences of the gangs. Bloods and Crips, he had to make a choice. The shooting and death of a close friend was the warning he needed to lay low for the summer before college as he refused to be a statistic. The transition to college and exposure led him find his true talent, from a poet with a well-received poem to wanting to be the ‘Blackest” guy on campus, a search that led him to a book titled “Nigger”, the biography of activist & black comedian Dick Gregory. 

Omar leaves nothing out as he details his journeys into comedy full time, being homeless the funnier he got and the people who were instrumental in his survival through those seasons. Enjoy as he recaps his biggest break, Madison Square Garden Hot 97 April’s Fools Day Comedy show and the circumstances which led to an initial 1 min stage time to over 5 min with double standing ovations. Now a Husband, father and home owner in a new town, Omar has so such material to weave into his style as he is more than funny, he is a comedian who has something to say.  Another jeweled filled podcast.  




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