65: Expert real estate advisor and investment mentor Domingo Rodriguez

Expert real estate advisor broker and investment mentor, Domingo Rodriguez stops by SQR podcast and shares his life’s journey. Enjoy this intimate dialogue, as he speaks of his family background and growing up in Passaic NJ. Dad leaving at a very early age, Mom being his only support, being her college baby, she wanted the best for him. Losing Mom at age 14, Domingo gives a detailed description of that time and the emotions felt. The hilarious life changing opportunity which got him into college and the comment of a college friend which lit an inextinguishable flame in him to Succeed.  Domingo’s introduction to the Real estate world was inspired via an impromptu open house and a recommendation from his Uncle Barney. Domingo Rodriguez has fine-tuned his craft which has propelled this trailblazer to set himself apart from all other agents and be the expert real estate advisor broker and investment mentor. Enjoy




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