63: Author & Biographer of “Imprisoned by Addiction” Dennis Brew

Listen as this riveting author and biographer takes you on a colorful journey through his life. Growing up in a quintessential family setting as the youngest of 3 boys, he realized at an early age his love for everything fun. Dennis’s vivid accounts of his time through high school, dropping out and working in the sign business, to meeting his 1st wife and becoming a young father addicted to alcohol and coke, lead to his need for change and a trip to California. A life filled with the perpetual chase for that high, Dennis holds nothing back as he dissects his experiences.  Back to Jersey where stealing cars to support his habits led him to the Passaic County Jail and the life changing, God sent blessing, Judge Reddin.  A truly honest and jewel filled podcast, Dennis Brew celebrates a life of sobriety with his beautiful wife and family, sharing his story and changing the world. Enjoy 




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