4: Episode: 4 DJ Marlon B Inspiring Interview

 DJ Marlon B “Bizzy”Coming from the Upper West side of New York City, DJ Marlon B “Bizzy” has been spinning records at five star hotels and many venues over the years. Born and raised in New York City, his roots stem from his mother native from Puerto Rico and his father from the Dominican Republic.  His father is a Latin percussionist playing the congas and timbales, instilling the love of music throughout their home. His father had him begin to learn to how to play the drums which helped him to learn musical patterns.

Inspiration to become a DJ came for Marlon as early as age 9 when his curiosity about how the mixes on the radio went seamlessly from one to the next. He would then record DJ Red Alert, and had the chance to meet him at age 13. From here he got his turntables and his brother set him up and then continued to take him the clubs and had him go watch Red Alert in the booth because he was only 14 or 15. He then began to DJ for private events and his success continued to grow.

Marlon’s mother has always been a huge supporter and inspiration as he continued to establish his DJ career. DJ Marlon B, does not just consider this a job; he takes pride in the artistry of being a true mixologist. He is one who reads the crowd, moves them in a certain direction and evokes feelings and memories to ensure a positive experience. DJ Marlon’s advice is to have fun with what you do; research music; try to expand your genre and be able to adapt to your situation.  DJ Marlon’s final advice is to continue to practice, there is always something you can learn.      


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Soundclound: DJmarlonb or DJmarlonbizzy

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